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As of 2009 CouchSurfing is the biggest hospitality exchange network.


The website features a searchable database of hundreds of upcoming events organised by CouchSurfing members. The big so called camps were started in 2004, mainly organized by former volunteers of Hospitality Club, including the annual (2005 - 2010)"Berlin Beach Camp" which drew over 1,000 attendees, the annual "WinterCamp", a New Year's Eve party hosted in a different city in Europe every year. Most organisers open there camps for members from CouchSurfing, Hospitality Club, BeWelcome and everyone else, that is interested.

Unofficial technical tips and tricks for CS

Delete your CS group posts

  • There is an addon or firefox for hiding posts via the "my group post pages". It's a radical resolution, but unlike the description said it's no real deletion, it makes use of the CS function to hide posts. So every post can be restored manually (and by CS-admins). If the post is an initial one, it is also hidden from the list of posts on the group page.

CS Data backup

  • UNIX shell script for making a backup of a user's CouchSurfing messages. See the top of the script for usage instructions.

Protect your picture rights

  • Upload only a useless 1px by 1py image and use the caption field for a html image-tag to include a pictures hosted somewhere else. As this pictures isn't uploaded to CS you don't have to agree with the terms of use regarding the upload of images. More info here.

Information about CS going B Corp

August 25th 2011 it was announced CS turned into a B-corp. Some more info:

Other CS information

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